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Helping Clients in the Chicago, IL Area With Real Estate Transactions, Legal Services, and Real Estate Closings

Chang and Carlin, LLP has extensive experience providing real estate legal services in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Our Chicago real estate lawyers are well equipped to help people navigate the complexities of real estate transactions, and to help those transactions close more smoothly. As you may already know, real estate transactions can get very complicated. Having an experienced legal team on your side can save you a lot of stress and save you from big mistakes that may hurt the deal or your wallet.

Many real estate agents are skilled and honest, but they're typically looking to close the deal. We provide combination of skilled legal knowledge and experience, and you can be sure we'll work in your best interest, which goes above and beyond what a real estate agent can offer.

With 4 Convenient Locations in the Chicago area, (Schaumburg, Chicago, Warrenville, Joliet), we are equipped to handle residential real estate transactions and real estate legal needs in the greater Chicago, Illinois area.

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Illinois Real Estate Transactions and Legal Needs

Chang and Carlin, LLP can help with the following real estate legal services: 

  • Residential Purchase and Sale Agreements: Our real estate attorneys in Chicago can walk you through the legal aspects of purchasing real estate, above and beyond the expertise of a real estate agent.
  • Condominium Development: Condominiums require entirely different legal documentation than other types of real estate. Our real estate attorneys in Chicago can help you navigate the condominium development process.
  • Reviewing and Clearing Title: Before any real estate transaction goes through, you need to ensure that the title is clear. Our Chicago real estate lawyers can do a title search and help you resolve any outstanding title issues. We can also help you get adequate title insurance as well. 
  • Real Estate Closings: Real estate transactions are a major investment, and the closing is the culmination of the transaction. An experienced attorney can help you through the final crucial steps at the closing, which will make your life a lot easier, protecting you and your family's investment.
  • Document Preparation: There are hundreds of pages of documents involved in most Illinois real estate transactions, including: Purchase and Sale Agreements, Deeds, Seller Notes, Financing Agreements, and more. An attorney has the legal experience necessary to draft and review these documents, making sure that there are no loopholes in the language which put your finances or the deal in jeopardy.
  • Foreclosure: Our Chicago foreclosure attorneys are prepared to handle negotiations with mortgage lenders and engage in litigation when necessary. If you feel threatened by foreclosure and want to save your home, we are here to help you explore your legal options.

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At Chang and Carlin, LLP, we are here to help you. Request a Free Real Estate Consultation Today to learn more about our real estate legal services. Real estate transactions can range from very simple to extremely complex, and having an experienced lawyer in Illinois helping you through the process can make your life a lot easier and protect you and your family.

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Reasonable and Fair Attorney Fees for Residential Real Estate

Chang and Carlin, LLP charges fair fees for all of our services. The real estate lawyer assigned to your case will have years of experience in the real estate related legal issue you need assistance with. We are proud of the relationships we've built with clients over the years and would appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family in times of economic stress. 

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