Bankruptcy Lawyer Services in Chicago

Bankruptcy Lawyer Services in Chicago

Deep in Debt? Tired of Creditor Harassment?

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be just what you need to get a fresh start! The first step is to find out what your options are.

Bankruptcy filing law in Illinois differs from laws in other states. Even though bankruptcy is federal law, and most states have similar procedures on handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you want to make sure you fully understand any state specific laws.

This is where we can help. The experienced Illinois bankruptcy lawyers at Chang and Carlin, LLP can help you navigate the complex bankruptcy filing process in Illinois.

With 4 convenient locations in Illinois (Schaumburg, Chicago, Warrenville, Joliet - Illinois), Chang and Carlin, LLP can help you with your bankruptcy filing and make sure you have representation through this difficult time.

We offer a Free Bankruptcy Consultation (in our office or over the phone) to help you determine if you have a viable case. There is NO obligation with your free consultation. You don't need to commit to any fees and you won't spend any money on the consultation. Request a Free Bankruptcy Filing Consultation Today!

Filing Bankrupcty in Illinois: Real and Personal Property Exemptions

The biggest difference between filing for bankruptcy in Illinois and filing in other states is the type of property that is exempt, or protected from creditors. Some states allow use of a federal exemption, while bankruptcy filing law in Chicago and the rest of Illinois applies their own exemption statutes to all property in a bankruptcy case. 

What should you expect to keep in a Bankruptcy filing in Illinois? See below:  

Property That is Protected From Creditors in Bankruptcy Filings

  • Illinois Homestead Exemption

    The Homestead exemption refers to the house that you live in. We can use this exemption if you are filing for bankruptcy in Illinois to protect up to $15,000 in equity in your house per person. That means that a husband and wife filing for bankruptcy in Illinois (IL) could use this exemption to protect $30,000 total as long as they live in the house in question.

  • Motor Vehicle Exemption

    Bankruptcy filing law in Illinois protects $2,400 in value of any one motor vehicle listed in your U.S... federal bankruptcy. Additionally, if you file the bankruptcy with a spouse it is possible to combine vehicle exemptions to protect up to $4,800 in vehicle equity as long as both parties are on the title to the car.

  • Clothing, Textbooks, Bible, Family Pictures Illinois Exemptions

    This bankruptcy exemption protects 100% of your interest in various personal items such as your clothing when filing for bankruptcy in Chicago or the rest of Illinois.

  • Life Insurance Proceeds Illinois Exemptions

    This Illinois exemption protects any payment under a life insurance contract that insured the life of an individual of whom you were a dependent, to the extent reasonably necessary for your support or the support of your dependent(s).

  • Qualified Retirement Plan Illinois Exemption

    Illinois law can prevent creditors from touching the proceeds of your hard-earned retirement plan. Anything from stock bonuses, pensions, profit sharing plans and annuities may be exempt as long as it can be determined that your savings are in a qualified retirement plan.

  • Tools of the Trade, Professional Books Illinois Exemptions

    This is a useful exemption that protects up to $1500 of the tools and books you use in your profession.

  • Worker’s Compensation Illinois Exemption

    Bankruptcy filing law in Illinois protects 100% of compensation you receive under Illinois workers' compensation laws. In Illinois, workers' compensation cases are 100% exempt. If you are injured while working, any compensation is money you deserve and creditors will be prevented from reaching those funds.

  • Wildcard Illinois Exemptions

    Using the Wildcard Exemption in your U.S.. federal bankruptcy case, Chang and Carlin, LLP can protect up to $4000 ($8000 in a joint case) of any type of personal property. Anything you own that has equity in excess of the above Illinois bankruptcy exemptions can be protected under bankruptcy filing law in Illinois.

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Chang and Carlin, LLP, is an Illinois bankruptcy law firm which represent individuals and families going through difficult economic times. We strive every day to represent our clients in a way that serves their best interests. We offer quality representation in the following areas of law related to financial distress, tax issues, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

What do Former Bankruptcy Clients Have to Say About Us?

Sometimes it helps to hear from others and the struggles they have gone through when deciding to file for bankruptcy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you have the right people in your corner.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all of your help. Your professionalism and kind, reassuring demeanor really helped to turn what was a very difficult and upsetting situation (the bankruptcy) into something that was relatively painless (all things considered). That's not to forget your extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy laws and process! All of your efforts were (are) greatly appreciated!

If I know anyone in need of legal services, within your area of expertise, I will definitely send them your way!

Take care and thank you again!!!


Chang and Carlin, LLP handled everything phenomenally. From the beginning to the end, they answered every question we had in plain speak. They made sure we understood everything before we left. Everybody in their office was willing to help answer our questions. It was really cool.

They made the experience a lot easier to deal with. We were really stressed out going into the bankruptcy. They made it so much easier and gave us the feeling of being in control.

Alan V.

Reasonable Fees for Bankruptcy Help for Illinois Residents + Initial Free Consultation

The bankruptcy lawyers at Chang and Carlin, LLP are sensitive to the difficult time you may be facing and offer Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing services to help you through this tough personal time in your life. Let us help you determine what your options are and create a road map to help you get out of debt. We offer reasonable fees for Illinois residents and we'll work hard to meet all your legal needs while filing for bankruptcy. 

Our goal at Chang and Carlin, LLP is to change your financial future. Request a Free Bankruptcy Filing Consultation Today. There is no obligation to buy, no hidden fees, no pressure and no risk in this free consultation!